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RayCue (Zestnation) Efficient Time Planning Management Training

In order to let employees better use of their time resources and improve work efficiency, RayCue (Zestnation) has carried out a special training on "efficient time planning management". The two-day training course analyzed the common causes of inefficiency in daily work, the importance of time management, the setting of effective performance goals, how to prioritize and assign tasks in the course of multi-tasking, personal emotion management, and the skills of effective collaboration with others.

RayCue team show in the training

The training began with the formation of the team, the selection of the team leader, the design of the team name, team slogan and team logo. RayCue's 11 teams actively played their creativity and ideas and we start to learn in a relaxed and active atmosphere. And the trainer adopted a variety of teaching methods such as case analysis, psychological assessment, role-playing, and fun games, etc., we combined practical problems in our daily work, devoted ourselves to the training, and fully learned the course knowledge in laughter.

RayCue show opinions in the training

Affected by the epidemic prevention ideas, nowadays many people choose to work from home. Although working from home is relatively comfortable and free, it may be a challenge to maintain productivity depending on each individual's situation. RayCue is here to share some really useful time and plan management tips for you.

1.The first step to improving execution is to write down your goals. In our daily work and life, we need to set some specific and clear goals for ourselves to prompt us to complete within a limited time;

2.When multi task work is carried out at the same time, we need to distinguish the priorities of tasks, deal with emergencies and important but non urgent matters first, prioritize and then concentrate on key tasks, you will get twice the efficiency with half the effort;

3.Personal emotion management is also very important at work. Try the perspective-taking and look at your problems from another angle is a quick way to resolve negative emotions. Don’t let too much negative emotions bring your work and life;

4.Efficient communication can promote better inter-departmental collaboration, we need to use different communication skills for different groups of superiors, peers, and subordinates. Upward communication: finish work and seek support; lateral communication: happy sharing and promote collaboration; downward communication: ask results and give guidance.

RayCue fill test questions related to time management

The purpose of this training is to help us improve our work efficiency and realize the importance of time and plan management. We need to make study serve the practical purpose, let's use what we have learned in daily work and life, making our work more efficient and life more wonderful!