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Need a NEW Tablet? RayCue Be Your Top Pick

Feeling that your cell phone’s screen is small to watch videos or play games? Tired of taking a big laptop with you when you' re working on the road? Maybe you need a tablet. Tablet is a transitional product between PC and the smart phone, it is much more portable than a laptop and has the same audio-visual entertainment function as a mobile phone. With both portability and functionality, you can take a tablet with you and handle your work at any time. Also you can sit on the sofa at home use it to watch movies or read e-books.

Nowadays, Apple is no longer the only pronoun of tablets. More and more Android tablet computers are sweeping the market with attractive features. If you're used to using Android and mostly Google apps, this affordable RayCue Android tablet could be your top pick in the case of a small budget.

Excellent Value for Money

Feature the easy-to-use Android 8.1 Oreo operating system and 1.6GHz powerful quad-core processor ensure fast response. A large number of apps for work, games, and social just get free to download with pre-installed Google Play, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Netflix, etc.. RayCue is an ideal mobile multimedia player, which is very suitable for finding tablet users with high cost performance, and it is definitely worth the money.

Thin, Light, Durable

The metal body is carefully crafted with an ultra-thin shell (9mm), which is convenient for carrying and holding. Connect this portable Android tablet to your WiFi home network, you can take the tablet anywhere, entertainment is everywhere. The built-in 5000mAh battery has longer running time and standby time, and a fully charged battery can last about 5 hours.

Dual-SIM Dual-Standby

Do you have multiple SIM CARDS but not enough slots of your smartphone? Do not worry! Directly insert into this raycue tablet, built-in dual sim card slot, support dual card and dual standby, compatible with two SIM cards, and can make calls and surf the Internet at the same time. With the use of Wi-Fi network, you can also surf the Internet at high speed, which makes it easy to watch videos and play games without getting stuck. More Bluetooth, dual camera, GPS, TF card reading function will bring you more fun.

10.1 inch HD IPS Display

This 10.1 inch Android 8.1 Tablet adopts 1024*800 HD IPS screen to deliver stunning color reproduction and optimal screen brightness levels, wonderful choice for video playback, playing games, and reading, etc.. In order to facilitate night use and your vision protection, you can also automatically or manually adjust and optimize the backlight to provide a more comfortable nighttime reading experience, create healthy reading conditions for you and your family.

Through this blog post, guss you may already have a preliminary understanding of the RayCue tablet, and there are more functions waiting for you to explore. Need a new Android tablet? RayCue is enough!