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RayCue All-in-one USBC Hub - One is Enough

USB Type-C, or Type-C for short, is a hardware interface specification of the universal serial bus (USB). It is called the Type-C interface on smartphone and USB-C interface on the computer. With the fierce competition among the major mobile phone manufacturers, the Type-C interface has obviously become the standard configuration in the aspect of mobile phone interface, which is deeply loved by the majority of users. Thanks to the small and versatile USB-C port, now many modern laptops also use it to expand and connect everything, and the  docking station is a must-have peripheral that perfectly solves your laptop's basic interface problem.


Although the docking stations provide different extension interfaces, sometimes you will find that your dock is not available when you need a certain port. Especially when working in the office, a universal docking station is particularly important. True to the term 'All-in-One', RayCue 13-in-1 docking station covers all the features you need, provides a perfect expansion connection solution whether it's for office work or daily home use.


RayCue 13-in-1 USBC hub connects with laptop


Massive Expansion of RayCue USBC Hub:

1*HDMI port: support to 4K@30Hz

1*VGA port: upport to 1080P@60Hz

1*Gigabit Ethernet port: instant connect to the network, up to 1000Mbps

2*USB 3.0 A port: data transmission speed up to 5Gbps

3*USB 2.0 A port: data transmission speed up to 480Mbps

1*PD 3.0 charging port: bring you a full-speed charging experience

2*SD/1* TF card slots: plug and play support multiple card formats

1*3.5mm audio jack: compatible with headphones, speakers


Feast your eyes with vivid images and videos in stunning 4K@30Hz. Perfect for presentations, movies and more. Just connect an HDMI cable from your USB C Hub to your external monitor to deliver crystal-clear display. For older devices that require a VGA port, 1080P@60Hz can also be reached via the VGA port.


Feast your eyes with vivid images and videos in stunning 4K@30Hz


Instantly expand 2 USB 3.0 and 3 USB 2.0 ports, USB 3.0 is capable of transferring data up to 5Gbps, transfers movies, music, important files, and more in just seconds. Combine both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 design, apply to all the high-speed and low-speed devices. Blazing fast Ethernet 1000Mbps speed provides sufficient bandwidth for home or small office data transfer needs.


This hub has also designed a 3-slot card reader, which is equipped with 2 SDXC and 1 Micro SD card slot. It supports multiple memory card formats and can easily read 2 SDXC memory CARDS at the same time. Ideal for hobbyists or professional photographers, it quickly transmits high-resolution images and video, making it easier to transfer from your camera to your laptop.


Built-in 3-Slot Card Reader in RayCue 13-in-1 hub


Easily extend your USB-C device, make your laptop more versatile, fully meet your daily office and home use needs, RayCue all-around USBC hub, one is enough!