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RayCue USB C to HDMI Adapter - Enjoy UHD 4K Display

Nowadays, USB Type-C has replaced Micro USB as one of the mainstream mobile phone interfaces. USBC is not an ordinary interface, its thin and tiny body with support for positive and negative plug, higher data transfer, faster charging performance and stronger video output and so on. Since the introduction of Apple MacBook, the USBC interface has gradually occupied the electronic device market in just a few years, and is widely used in mobile electronic devices such as smartphone, tablets, and laptops.


Stream your device's favorite video or movie on an HD TV


Wanna stream your phone's favorite video or movie on an HD TV? Wanna share the beautiful memories with your family on a larger screen? Wanna expand your laptop's second screen to handle more work? Do not worry! Simply connect the TypeC port of your mobile device between the HDMI port of most TVs, projectors, and monitors. You may need a USBC to HDMI adapter, and this RayCue portable 4K@30Hz Type-C To HDMI converter will be your wise choice.


RayCue USB C to HDMI Adapter Product Show


This small but powerful converter takes your work productivity and home entertainment experience to the next level. The premium USB C HDMI 2.0 adapter supports 4K@30Hz high definition resolution and high dynamic range. Get vivid visual effects on a larger screen, seamlessly transfer movies, videos, photos, games, PPT presentations, etc., and output video and audio simultaneously. You can extend a small screen to another large screen with the same content, such as watching a movie at home or presenting in a meeting room, or you can extend your work desktop to perform multitasking operations, such as checking E-mail on one screen and checking data reports on another.


Mirror Mode / Extended Mode for More Fun


You will be surprised at its fine workmanship and durability, which is made of sturdy nylon braided material, withstands 21,000+ cycles in the bending test without any worries about abrasion. Besides, the 24K gold-plated connector resists corrosion, ensuring maximum conductivity and efficient audio transmission. Fits snugly with the USB-C ports on your devices for stable signal transfer avoiding flickers and it can withstand 11,000+ times of plugging in and out.


As a whole, the Raycue USB C to HDMI adapter is stronger than most similar products. Best of all, its tiny size is portable for office, home table using, and also traveling with you. Compact and lightweight, this converter saves your space, and easily slips it into your pocket, wallet, and bag. Perfect for presentations, movie nights, high-action gaming and more!