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What is Memory Card & Its Common Types

A memory card is a device that stores digital information, this independent storage medium is generally in the shape of a card, also known as a flash card. Widely used in mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops, MP3 and other digital products. Learn more about memory card and its common types in this blog post. 

There are main types of memory card as follows:

- TF Card (Trans Flash / Micro SD Card)

- SD Card (Secure Digital Memory Card)

- SDHC Card (Secure Digital High Capacity Card)

- MMC Card (Multi Media Card)

- CF Card (Compact Flash Card)

- XD Card (XD Picture Card)

- RS-MMC Card (Mobile MMC Card)

- Memory Stick  

- SM Card (Smart Media Card)


As the smallest memory card, TF card (11*15*1mm) is mainly developed for taking large images and downloading large audio and video, as well as storing personal data on smartphones. Because of its small size and large storage capacity, the TF card is mostly used in cameras, motion cameras and other devices in addition to mobile phones.

SD card (Secure Digital) is larger than TF card, which has a a size of 24*32*2.1mm, features the advantages of large capacity, superfast data transmission and great flexibility. The structure of SD card can ensure the security of digital file transmission, and it is also easy to reformat. Many digital cameras generally use SD as the storage medium, that’s why SD card is the most widely used memory card.

The size of CF card (Compact Flash) is the largest of the three(36*43*3.3mm), and the capacity is relatively large, so generally used for large SLR cameras. In order to ensure the compact flash cards and compliant devices are compatible, the CF cards are designed according to specific guidelines from the Compact Flash Association. Whether its read speed, write speed or large capacity data storage, all could meet the needs of users. 


Memory cards come with many shapes, sizes and capacities. For users with multiple memory cards, RayCue has launched a new universal card reader. Expand one port into charging port, micro SD card reader slot, two SD card reader slots, and CF card reader slot, never worry about the power shortage when transferring photos and videos. A great choice to transfer photos and videos from memory cards to your devices in a short time, this 5 in 1 card reader will fulfill your daily use.