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Corporate Culture


Vision and Mission

RayCue (Zestnation), Keep Providing "WOW" Products and Services to Global Users.

1. Determined to become a well-known worldwide brand enterprise with global influence;
2. Our talent team have a global perspective and international vision;
3. Timely understand users 'needs, insight into them latent need, provide high-quality products and services that exceed user expectations;
4. Make friends with users sincerely and establish a good relationship between the brand and users;
5. Ceaselessly explore wider supply channels and more professional product categories and field;
6. Keep building channels and platforms that can reach more users;
7. Gradually form a long-term valuable and competitive organization and management system.

Core Values

Stay Humble, Stay Dedicated; High-efficient Coordination; Practicality and Creativity; Long-Termism

1. Stay Humble, Stay Dedicated

Keep our hearts in awe, introspection, and self-discipline, full of passion and struggle.

2. High-efficient Coordination

On the basis of empathy and full communication, achieve common goals efficiently through tacit cooperation.

3. Practicality and Creativity

Bear in mind the Corporate Mission of Keep providing "WOW" products and services to global users, fully tapping consumer pain points and demands, treat our consumers in good faith, use our new technology, new workmanship, new materials, new ideas to provide high-quality products and services that exceed their expectations.

4. Long-Termism

With a clear purpose and firm beliefs, formulating principles and insisting on learning and thinking, building long-term and valuable competitiveness.