Raycue 7-in-1 MacBook Pro/Air M1 USB Accessories

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usb c hub adapter for macbook pro usb c hub adapter for macbook pro 13/15/16 inch



  1. This usb c adapter can NOT be used with a case/cover on the MacBook.
  2. To get a better experience, charging via MacBook original PD charger when you are using the usb c adapter hub.
  3. It is not recommended to use USB 3. 0 Type-A ports for charging. The USB 3.0 port is mainly used for data transfer.
  4. It may feel warm during use.
  5. The final resolution performance of HDMI output depends on the resolution supported of your host devices. (Only when your laptop and monitors support 4K resolution, the video output will be 4K)


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With all the ports you need


  • HDMI - Support to 4K@30Hz
  • Thunderbolt 3 – up to 5k or 2x4k @ 60Hz Video, Up to 40Gb/s data speed, Max 100W Power Delivery
  • 3 USB 3.0 – 5Gb/s data speed, As well as high power to your devices
  • SD/Micro card reader – UHS-1 104MB/s


USB-C Power Delivery for MacBook Pro 7-in-1 MacBook Pro Adapters with 4K HDMI

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USB C Hub MacBook Pro Adapter  usb c hub macbook pro  macbook pro usb adapter

4K Ultra HD Sensory Experience

Easily stream immersive, high-definition media to a bigger monitor, television, projector in stunning 4K@30Hz via HDMI port, give you a clear visual experience

Double USB C Port

One is original Thunderbolt 3 Port supports data transfer up to 40Gb/s, up to 5K displays, up to 100W power; Another usbc port is USB3.0 data transfer (Up to 5.0 Gbps.

3 * USB 3.0 data transfer

* USB 3.0 ports allow you to connect hard drives, printers, mice and other USB devices to a USB-C laptop and transfer data at a speed of 5 Gbps.

SD/Micro SD Slot Reader

Swap and read standard SD and Micro SD memory cards at speed up to 480Mbps (depending on the max read speed of your SD/TF card) for superior data storage versatility.

MacBook Pro HDMI Adapters with 3 USB 3.0 Multiport USB C Adapter hub for macbook pro

MacBook Pro/Air M1 USB Accessories, MacBook Adapter with Thunderbolt 3 100W PD Port, USB C Port, 3 USB 3.0 Ports, TF/SD Card Reader, USB C Adapter for MacBook Pro/Air 13" 15" 16" 2021-2016

About this item

  • 7-In-1 Functional USB-C Hub : RayCue MacBook USB adapter hub expand your Mac laptop to 3* USB3.0 + Thunderbolt 3 + USB C(Date only) + SD/TF card reader slot. With no cable and no dangle from design make the connection more compact. Suitable for MacBook Air 2021/2020/2019/2018, MacBook Pro 2021/2020/2019/2018-2016. NOTE :This adapter is NOT SUITABLE for wearing a PROTECTIVE CASE. Please take the case off before use it.
  • Dual USB C Adapter Hub : One is original Thunderbolt 3 Port supports data transfer up to 40Gb/s, up to 5K displays, up to 100W power; Another usbc port is USB3.0 data transfer port(NOT support HDMI output and charging function), speed up to 5.0 Gbps, and easily connect smartphones, tablet, hard drives for effortless data transfer with USB-C port.
  • 5Gbps High Speed Data Transfer : MacBook Pro accessories comes with 3 USB 3.0 ports so you can connect many types of peripherals at the highest speeds available. This means you can simultaneously use a wired mouse, wired keyboard and an external drive. Up to 5Gbps data transmission speed, providing convenience to your life and work and improving your work efficiency.
  • Universal TF&SD Card Reader : Easily expand SD and TF slots to your PC, Supports up to 256G, easily to transfer photos shooting or videos by your camera from cards to laptop in just seconds. Ideal accessory tool for photographer or designer.
  • Advanced Production Technology : The MacBook Pro USB adapter has built-in high-tech chips, providing better-performance, lower power consumption, quicker heat dissipation and wider compatibility. No need install extra drivers or connect extra power supply. Just plug and play.