Essential USB-C Hub to Get the Most Out of Your iPad Pro

Essential USB-C Hub to Get the Most Out of Your iPad Pro

It is undeniable that the iPad Pro series are outstanding and powerful tablets, they are not like computers, but they can work like computers. Lightweight, powerful and feature-rich, the iPad Pro comes in handy when you’re working from home or on-the-go, performing complex operations in a convenient way to maintain productivity without the hassle of bulky hardware. If you are an iPad Pro user or are considering buying an iPad Pro, for getting the most out of your tablet, you might need some useful peripheral accessories to make your work on the iPad Pro a breeze. While the built-in single USB-C port brings a simple design and a lightweight body, it also has a big connectivity problem. For a better desktop experience, a USB-C hub is an essential accessory.


In contrast to Apple's proprietary Lightning port, USB-C is an industry-standard and allows you to connect to a variety of peripherals. The iPad Pro only has one USB-C port, which is a critical breakthrough to bring more connectivity to your device, so it is important to get a USB-C hub. Working as a Pro, the Hub makes it easier to connect peripherals like displays, USB drives, SD cards, and cameras to the iPad Pro and upgrade work setup. Own a USB-C hub to connect a mouse, keyboard, or any other peripheral you need to your iPad to provide a work experience as close to a laptop as possible. RayCue 6-in-1 hub is an excellent and compact solution that provides you with the common ports you need, including 4K HD HDMI, fast charging PD, high-speed transfer USB, SD/MicroSD, and 3.5mm audio.


Multitasking on a single laptop screen is too limited, using a hub to add an external display to your iPad Pro can greatly improve work efficiency. Easily mirror and extend your tablet to the second display by using 4KHDMI. For designers, you can use a USB-C hub to connect an external monitor to browse some design websites to stimulate your creative inspiration and focus on your design work on your iPad Pro. In daily entertainment, expanding the HDMI port for your iPad Pro can project your screen on a TV, monitor, or projector, and enjoy the experience of watching high-definition movies with family and friends.


This RayCue hub for iPad Pro also comes with a USB3.0 port. With superfast 5Gbps USB 3.0, no more wait times while sending and receiving important files, transfer movies, music, and more in just seconds. And you can connect with a keyboard, or a mouse or a USB printer to increase your productivity. Equipped with 3.5mm audio port and USB Type-C PD port, you can charge your iPad Pro while listening to music or watching movies with headphones. It supports fast PD 3.0 charging and can get faster power supply in a short time.


Better fit the iPad Pro style, the portable and compact design of the hub better integrates with the main device. By connecting your favorite peripheral devices, you will enjoy the mobility the iPad Pro offers while having a complete desktop experience. While an iPad Pro out of the box is a wonderful device, with the right accessories, it becomes a portable productivity workhorse. Essential USB-C Hub to get the most out of your iPad Pro. Kindly check more USB hubs in RayCue!


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