4 Tips for How to Choose the Right USB Hub

4 Tips for How to Choose the Right USB Hub

If you recently purchased a new laptop or Ultrabook, you may have noticed the lack of USB ports. Indeed, all kinds of mobile devices have begun to pursue thinner and more lightweight in recent years, and laptops are no exception, such as Apple MacBook series, and Huawei Ultrabook, the attached ports only retain the multi-functional USB Type C and headphone output in order to have a more lightweight integrated body. However, for office workers and people who often work on-the-go, the shortage of laptop ports sometimes causes inconvenience to their work, like the lack of USB ports means that U disk, mouse and keyboard cannot be used, and there is no additional HDMI/VGA port, which is not convenient to convert a small screen to a larger one, etc..


How to reverse the shortage of ports? Wanna make the most of your laptop to  speed up your work efficiency? USB hub is just what you need, which is a useful tool solves the problem of fewer laptop interfaces. The hub is composed of ports and slots. If your laptop or PC does not have enough USB ports or the correct USB ports to connect all peripheral devices, you can easily expand the number of ports by using USB hub, and it can also provide a better desktop experience to upgrade your workstation. Now there are many hubs of different types, sizes, shapes and price ranges on the market, so how to choose a right USB hub according to your needs?


Here are some tips to check before you buy.


Buy A Powered USB Hub


There are two general types of USB hubs available on the market, namely powered USB hubs and unpowered USB hubs. The unpowered USB hub is powered by the USB port of the laptop, which means that the number of devices you connect is limited, and it is only suitable for connecting some low-voltage devices, like a mouse or a keyboard, connected to high-power devices such as external hard drives or cameras may not work. As for the powered USB hub, it is a device that generates its own power from a power socket, and supports multiple high-power devices to operate at higher voltages, easily maintains high data transmission speed and connectivity. From a performance point of view, buy a power USB hub is better than an unpowered USB hub.


Buy the Most Current Standard


First check the port connector on your PC or laptop, there may be only USB-C or a USB-A connector, and then adjust your hub selection accordingly. One thing to note is that better not to purchase old types of USB hubs to avoid the limitation of data transmission speed. Since the USB standard specifications have been iteratively updated, from USB 1.0, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB 3.1, and now to the latest standard USB 4.0, whether it is transmission speed, charging specifications or connection processing capabilities, they are constantly being upgraded. Therefore, you should always consider a USB hub that has the same USB version or a higher version compatible with your laptop or PC.


Determine the Number of Ports You Need


How many products do you intend to connect to the hub at the same time? Devices like mouse, keyboard, monitor, or memory card, etc., all require multiple different ports to connect. This is an important consideration if you plan to use multiple peripherals simultaneously. We suggest buying a multi-port hub, and also need to pay attention to whether the charging port supports fast charging protocol, because not all Type-c interfaces can support PD fast charging. RayCue 11 in 1 USB Type C Hub is a ideal choice for you, covers fast charging, audio output, USB, HDMI, VGA, memory card, Gigabit Ethernet with more features, actually one hub for all possible accessories and meeting complex work needs.


Pick Compact Aluminum Alloy Outlook


The body material and size are also important for purchasing a USB hub. The common ones on the market are aluminum alloy and ABS materials, and also the body made of all aluminum alloy materials. Among them, the all-aluminum alloy material is more wear-resistant and has a better texture, it is easier to conduct internal heat to the surface of the product to speed up heat dissipation. According to the needs of different users, RayCue has also designed a variety of high-quality portable aluminum alloy hubs docks, which are compact and portable for daily work or business trip. When you need to expand and connect peripherals at work or play, whether in office, at home, or on the road, the RayCue hub is the ideal solution.


Besides these points, the most important thing is to choose according to your own needs, and buy the best USB hub within the budget. A good hub can not only expand more connection ports for users, but also run multiple external devices with high performance at the same time, upgrade your work setup, and make your work and daily entertainment more intelligent and convenient.


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