"Unlock the Future, Command Instantly,Bringing Technology to Your Fingertips."

Workflows made easy

With RayCue-CyberAxon, daily tasks become fast and fun. 12 customizable LCD keys to control apps and platforms. One-touch operation lets you control apps, post on social media, adjust audio, mute your mic, control lights, and more, with visual feedback confirming every command.We also have 300 free plugins in the Stream Dock Store, and get new plugins on the regular.

Inspired by cyberpunk aesthetics

Transparent Casing with Aluminum Alloy and LED Breathing Lights,The design is inspired by cyberpunk aesthetics.

This design choice not only provides a sleek, futuristic look but also The transparent casing and aluminum alloy material work together to ensure excellent heat dissipation The overall design strikes a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, aiming to offer users a high-tech product that is both powerful and visually stunning

Discover the future of connectivity

Designed for the modern workspace, this multifunctional docking station Video Ports: 3 HDMI ports supporting up to 4K @ 60Hz, with one port capable of 8K @ 30Hz or 4K @ 120Hz for breathtaking display quality.Stream Dock: 2.41” IPS touch screen featuring 12 customizable keys, perfect for streamlining your workflow.