Add A Portable Second Monitor to Your Work Setup

Add A Portable Second Monitor to Your Work Setup

In this fast-paced era of high productivity, we are all eager to be more productive at work. Optimizing your workstation settings will greatly help you improve your work efficiency. Whether you're an office worker, a gamer, a programmer, a financier, a graphic designer, a professional or a student, setting up an external monitor for your laptop is one of the best ways to increase overall productivity. You can even extend a second, larger display directly to your smartphone, and get a portable workstation quickly and easily. It is a useful and valuable thing to add a portable second monitor to your work setup, which expands the screen space and helps you visualize, compare, and contrast all the content you're working on.


A two monitor set up is not uncommon in many business settings. It's always better to have two displays when you're using them in your daily life or at work. A great portable monitor provides extra screen real estate and outstanding performance, they are enough compact to take on the go. Whether it is used for spreadsheets, word processing or video games, USB C monitor does a great job and maximize stimulate productivity anywhere anytime. The external monitor, your laptop second display, it perfectly increases the required screen space and expands your home workstation or mobile office. You only need to plug it into a laptop or even a smartphone to extend or mirror the main screen on a larger display.


Looking for a more flexible second screen display? It's definitely worth considering RayCue portable USBC monitor. The overall style looks high-end and stylish, with fine workmanship. It brings high-definition visual experience and takes into account a lightweight and ultra-thin body. The portable monitor with 2-coins thin body, it also performs quite well in terms of weight, that is only 1.25lb. Pack it into your work bag without any unnecessary burden, multi-monitor setup is possible even when you’re on the go.


Excellent Image Quality


RayCue USB C monitor supports a 1920 x 1080 pixel native resolution (also called 1080P), adopts FHD technology and anti-glare IPS screen, which can protect your eyes from fatigue if you often work in front of the monitor for a long time. With 178°viewing angle, ensuring that people can watch the screen content at the same time. The vivid color image quality delivers you a truly immersive viewing experience that lets you enjoy High-Definition entertainment and gaming. It is an excellent secondary monitor for any media or gaming use.


Versatile Digital Connectivity


Adapters, cables and converters are expensive and take up valuable space. The RayCue portable USB-C monitor not only built with dual USB-C ports for connection or charging, it also integrates a mini HDMI port, Micro USB port, and a 3.5mm audio port, which expands more connection ports for your device. You can use it as a small docking station for expanding other devices. Besides, built-in 2 x 1W stereo speakers improve sound quality for playing videos or games, you can also use the headphone jack to play your audio. Whether it is connecting external devices, home entertainment, watching videos, or working, you can do it instantly on the RayCue monitor.


Universal Compatibility


The portable USB Type C display does not require extra drivers or any complicated process, enjoy plug-and-play convenience. With USB C and mini HDMI input, this monitor is more convenient to connect to your laptop, PC, Mac, Macbook, smartphone, XBOX, PS3/PS4/PS5, Nintendo game console, USBC tablet and other devices. It is very suitable for expanding the screen or playing games, not only can be faster, clearer, more interesting to enjoy the fun of the game, but also can easily create a multi-monitor environment to achieve diversified working methods. Ideal for business work, short trip, and family entertainment.




An extra monitor helps you work more efficiently and stimulates more productivity anywhere anytime. Add a portable second display to your work setup, let the RayCue be your wise choice, the portable and versatile USBC monitor makes your life easier and work more efficient.


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