RayCue Hubs Unlock More Potential for Your Laptop

RayCue Hubs Unlock More Potential for Your Laptop

With such amazing leaps in mobile device technology, whether the smartphones, tablets or laptops, they have brought a lot of convenience to our daily life and work, perform a large variety of functions simultaneously have never been easier. While many devices, like laptops, are getting thinner and more portable as they become more powerful. To be extremely portable, manufacturers will replace ports like HDMI/VGA or Ethernet RJ45 on laptops with versatile USB-C port, which is also used mostly on smartphones and tablets. Wanna get the most out of your laptop but worry about having fewer ports? You might need some useful peripheral accessories, and the USB Hub is absolutely what you need. It is simply the best connectivity solution there is, just plug and play, unlock more ports and potential for your laptop.


RayCue 7-IN-1 USB hub adapter with HDMI/USB3.0/SD/TF/USB-C


The USB hubs expand a single port into multiple ports so that more USB ports can be connected to the host. Some new version such as RayCue hubs also also provide 4KHDMI, VGA and even Gigabit Ethernet, SD and other memory card multiple connections, easily expand your laptop or tablet to create a powerful workstation. Due to the current global coronavirus (COVID-19), most people need smart devices and tech gadgets to help them better work from home or effective online learning. And the best thing to recommend is still the USB hubs, perfect connectivity station to expand your device's capabilities. In next, RayCue shares three different types of USB-C hubs for you, those upgrade your basic equipment and speed up your productivity.


Dual TypeC Hub Tailored for MacBook Pro

If you regularly use the MacBook Pro/Air to work with multiple devices, you will surely need more ports on your laptop to work on, never miss out this super practical multi-port hub adapter. It takes full advantage of your MacBook by adding 7 ports, allowing you to transfer data in a few seconds, enjoys videos up to UHD 4K resolution and quick charging experience. Space gray high-grade aluminum alloy fuselage design also perfectly meets the Mac style, more matching with your laptop. Connected with RayCue dual Type-C hub, instead of wasting time switching back and forth between programs or documents, use HDMI ports to expand your display and make it easier to perform multiple screen operations simultaneously.


Portable USB Hub for Type-C Enabled Devices

Whether you're working in the office or working on the move, you'll probably need a great work tool that helps to quickly set up your workbench anytime, anywhere, and this portable USB-C hub is an ideal choice. A compact and portable body contains more power, it integrates 4K high-definition HDMI, multiple high-speed high-speed, fast PD charging and SD/TF card slots, just need one plug and meet your all of office needs. What’s more, it can be applied to most Type-C devices, as long as your laptop is equipped with a Type-C port, enjoy the plug-and-play convenience. RayCue hub adapter provides the ideal solution when you need to expand your connection peripherals.


12-IN-1 All-round USB-C Hub Dock

This is definitely a more versatile hub, perfect for people who need high configuration work settings. Take all the ports you want into consideration, including UHD 4K dual HDMI ports, dual USB 3.0, dual USB 2.0, PD fast charging, 1080P VGA port, Gigabit Ethernet port, 3.5mm audio port, and SD/TF memory card port. From ultra HD media display to high-speed charging, the ultra fast data transmission or perfect audio output, this powerful dock can do more! Combining dual HDMI ports and VGA ports, easily connect to three external displays by this hub at the same time, switch between extended mode/mirror mode/collage mode at will. Extra monitor helps you work more efficiently and stimulates more productivity anywhere anytime.


A good hub can not only expand more connection ports for users, but also run multiple external devices with high performance at the same time. Say goodbye to cluttered desktops and the troubles of repeatedly plugging and unplugging cables, USB hubs also make your desktop more clean and organized. Work with RayCue, unlock more potential for your devices, upgrade your work setup, and make your work and daily entertainment more intelligent and convenient.


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