RayCue Qingming Festival 2021 Holiday Notice

RayCue Qingming Festival 2021 Holiday Notice

Dear Customers,


Thanks for visiting RayCue.


The holiday of 2021 Qingming festival will be from Apr 3 to Apr 5, 2021. At the Qingming Festival (Tomb-Sweeping Day), It's a time for people to remember the dead. To be more convenient business contact for our customers, it is kindly informed that employees of RayCue will have our holiday from Apr 3 to Apr 5, 2021. And all employees will be back to work normally on Apr 6, 2021. We apologize for any inconvenience that may cause and thank you for your understanding.


If you have any product quotation and cooperation requirements, please send an email to sales@raycue.com; if you need any technical support for orders, please send an email to support@raycue.com. We will check and get in touch with you as soon as possible.


RayCue wishes you a safe and peaceful tomb-sweeping day!


Thank you and best regards.


RayCue Team


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