Stay Effective Anywhere: USB Hub Guide to Work Remotely

Stay Effective Anywhere: USB Hub Guide to Work Remotely

With the rapid development of technology, people can cooperate and communicate with each other all over the world. We are not limited to working only in the office, there are a lot of people who preferred to work freely or work on the move. While work remotely is relatively free and comfortable, it brings its own challenges, as we are always slower to get into our "work mode". We need some tech gadgets to ensure that our daily work goes on normally and improve productivity, among which a portable USB-C hub is indispensable.


For today's mobile workforce, tablets, ultrabooks, and laptops are indispensable main working tools, these thin and lightweight smart devices generally adopt unique Type-C interface, but diversified interfaces are always needed for displaying files, transmitting data and quick charging. So how to solve the problem of fewer interfaces and maximize the use of existing equipment and mobile office environment? RayCue provides you with the following three portable USBC docking stations, which can perfectly expand more interfaces and improve your work efficiency on the go.


Form-fitting USB-C Hub Adapter for Tablet


With only one smart Type C enabled tablet while working from home? Get a hub to expand and power up your device! The RayCue multi-port hub seamlessly connects to your tablet, whether it is an iPad Pro, Samsung tablet, Huawei tablet or other TypeC ultrabooks, it perfectly upgrades your equipment and workstation to handle your daily work. The hub provides 6 connection ports, which can easily mirror and expand your tablet to the second display screen with 4K HDMI, connect a USB keyboard to accelerate your work efficiency, enjoy 3.5mm audio and fast charging  simultaneously, and also read SD / TF memory card in real time. Your tablet is not just a simple tablet, it can also become as versatile and powerful as a laptop through a docking station.   

Dual Type-C Hub Tailored for MacBook Pro


Designed specifically for the MacBook Pro series, this multifunctional hub adapter takes full advantage of your MacBook by adding 7 ports, allowing you to transfer data in a few seconds, enjoys videos up to UHD 4K resolution and quick charging experience. Instead of wasting time switching back and forth between programs or documents, use HDMI ports to expand your display and make it easier to perform multiple screen operations simultaneously. Besides, compact shape and ultra-lightweight design save you more space and make it easier to carry around. 

Versatile Dock for Type-C Enabled Devices


The network is often dropped during work at home? Give your laptop a direct gigabit ultra-high speed network connection immediately! Built-in RJ45 port, this hub provides you a more stable wired network connection, without worrying about the problem of real-time conference dropping. Besides, this versatile USB-C dock true to the term 'All-in-One', takes all the ports you need into consideration. Massive ports directly expand your Type-C enabled devices, whether a laptop or a tablet to a powerful workstation: UHD 4K dual HDMI ports, dual USB 3.0, dual USB 2.0, 100W PD fast charging, 1080P VGA port, Gigabit Ethernet port, 3.5mm audio port, and SD/TF memory card port. All 12 ports can work at the same time, make your work more efficient.



Although it is relatively comfortable and free to work at home or on the go, it is not a small challenge to maintain high-efficiency work output. Based on different devices and applications, you could choose the right USB docking station for your work to speed up your productivity. Together with RayCue, upgrades your work space, the ideal desktop setup allows you to have a more concentrated work state.


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