WFH Tips: How to Set Up A More Productive Workspace

WFH Tips: How to Set Up A More Productive Workspace

In recent months, millions of people have transitioned from standard offices to virtual workplaces due to the coronavirus pandemic. Whether you choose to work from home or if you need to, creating a suitable office environment is key to getting the best work done at home. For most people, working at home may be a huge challenge or adjustment in daily life, so set up a more productive workspace may help you better feel the atmosphere of "I am working" every day. What's more, increase your productivity at work by minimizing unnecessary distractions at home. The following are some of the WFH tips from RayCue that may help you a lot.



1. Create A Dedicated Office Space


Creating a dedicated work area in your home and distinguishing this space from other areas in your home is crucial to people working from home. Whether it is a room, a table or a balcony, create a separate office space to better get into work and improve your focus and creativity, but your office space need to as far away as possible from your bedroom, bed or sofa to reduce interference. The ideal working space is a separate room, and most people may not have extra space. Try to use the walls, corners or partitions of a room to create your workspace, which can also distinguish your work and home life.


2. Get USB Dock Work Like A Pro


Some of us may only have an ultrabook or laptop or a tablet as main working tool at home, and these lightweight smart devices generally use few ports. For people who work from home or on-the-go, displaying files, transferring data, and fast charging all require diversified interfaces, so they may not be able to make the most of the smart devices. Perfect connection solution of RayCue USB docking station is exactly what you need. Get a USB dock to expand more ports, and enable to run multiple external devices with high performance at the same time. Work like a pro, unlock more potential for your devices to have a better desktop experience.


3. Optimize Network with Ethernet Adapter


The network is often dropped during work at home? A poor Internet speed may interrupt the progress of your work at hand, and also affect the online video conference with other online colleagues. It is best to connect the network cable directly to your laptop or tablet. The RayCue multi-port Ethernet adapter gives your laptop a direct gigabit ultra-high speed network connection immediately! Built-in RJ45 port, it provides you a more stable wired network connection, without worrying about the problem of real-time conference dropping.


4. Expand Screen Space with Monitors


It is a real challenge to stay productive while working from home with a single small laptop screen. There is a great way to speed up your work by connecting external monitors to your work setup. Click to display your Excel on one external screen, then edit your document report on another monitor, and participate in online video conferences on the your laptop screen, making it possible to easily perform multi-screen operations at the same time and speed up your work progress.


5. Ergonomic Office Chair/Keyboard/Mouse Pad


No matter what job you are in, you will spend a lot of time working in front of the computer. Sitting in poor posture while working at home can easily cause health problems, such as back pain, neck strain, fatigue, muscle tension, etc. In order to prevent or reduce these problems, it is recommended to buy ergonomic office chairs, keyboards and mouse pads to maintain the correct posture and bring maximum comfort in your work space.


6. Keep the Space Well-lit


When building a working device, consider designing it in a well-lit area. This is becausestudies state that natural light has positive effects on our physical and mental health. In this case, make sure that the work you are doing at home is located near a few windows and a well-ventilated area. Using natural light is not only more energy efficient, but just like sitting near a window feels closer to nature, natural light will also increase your overall well-being to maximize productivity.



Start today to set up a your workspace that belongs to you. We hope that these six useful key tools and tips will help you build a more productive workspace when working from home! Find more useful computer peripheral tools (USB hub/dock adapter) just in RayCue website.

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