Essential Productivity Tools for Work-at-Home Professionals

Essential Productivity Tools for Work-at-Home Professionals

Nowadays, work-from-home and remote jobs got a big push from the current global coronavirus pandemic, with more people working from home than ever before. For those novices who work remotely or those who do not have an ideal workspace, staying productive in an at-home environment can be a challenging transition. We need some practical tech tools to help us work better and complete your home office setup. Even though you’re not physically there with your coworkers at an office, it doesn’t have to be difficult to stay in the loop and be productive. In this article, we’ve shared some productivity tools, better help to set up and upgrade our home office, accelerate work productivity.


The essential one is a USB-C hub (or USB-C dock) when it comes to practical tech gadgets. Due to the mobile portability of tablets and laptops, we may use them more for work at home, but these smart devices have fewer ports, which cannot satisfy us for connecting more peripherals such as display monitor, keyboards, mice, etc... And USB hubs/docking stations are simply the best connectivity solution, instantly expand massive ports for your device.


Dual TypeC Hub Tailored for MacBook Pro


If you regularly use the MacBook Pro/Air to work with multiple devices, you will surely need more ports on your laptop to work on, never miss out on this super practical multi-port hub adapter. It takes full advantage of your MacBook by adding 7 ports, allowing you to transfer data in a few seconds, enjoys videos up to UHD 4K resolution, and quick charging experience. Space gray high-grade aluminum alloy fuselage design also perfectly meets the Mac style, more matching with your laptop. Connected with RayCue dual Type-C hub, instead of wasting time switching back and forth between programs or documents, use HDMI ports to expand your display and make it easier to perform multiple screen operations simultaneously.


Form-fitting USB-C Hub Adapter for Tablet


With only one smart Type C enabled tablet while working from home? Get a hub to expand and power up your device! The RayCue multi-port hub seamlessly connects to your tablet, whether it is an iPad Pro, Samsung tablet, Huawei tablet, or other TypeC ultrabooks, it perfectly upgrades your equipment and workstation to handle your daily work. The hub provides 6 connection ports, which can easily mirror and expand your tablet to the second display screen with 4K HDMI, connect a USB keyboard to accelerate your work efficiency, enjoy 3.5mm audio and fast charging simultaneously, and also read SD / TF memory card in real-time. Your tablet is not just a simple tablet, it can also become as versatile and powerful as a laptop through a docking station.


Versatile Dock for Type-C Enabled Devices


The network is often dropped during work at home? Give your laptop a direct gigabit ultra-high-speed network connection immediately! Built-in RJ45 port, this hub provides you a more stable wired network connection, without worrying about the problem of real-time conference dropping. Besides, this versatile USB-C dock true to the term 'All-in-One', takes all the ports you need into consideration. Massive ports directly expand your Type-C enabled devices, whether a laptop or a tablet to a powerful workstation: UHD 4K dual HDMI ports, dual USB 3.0, dual USB 2.0, 100W PD fast charging, 1080P VGA port, Gigabit Ethernet port, 3.5mm audio port, and SD/TF memory card port. All 12 ports can work at the same time, make your work more efficient.


Add A Portable Second Monitor into Your Setup


It's always better to have two displays when you're using them in your daily life or at work. A great portable monitor provides extra screen real estate and outstanding performance, they are enough compact to take on the go. Whether used for spreadsheets, word processing, or video games, the USBC monitor does a great job and maximizes anywhere anytime. The external monitor, your laptop's second display, perfectly increases the required screen space and expands your home workstation or mobile office. You only need to plug it into a laptop or even a smartphone to extend or mirror the main screen on a larger display.




Whether working from home or on the move, it is important to have the right tools to maintain productivity and contact. No matter where you are, the portable and practical tech tools shared above will help you improve work efficiency, with RayCue, let’s do the best work.

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