Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Tech Dad

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Tech Dad

Father’s Day is fast approaching. Stumped on what to get dad for Father’s Day this year? If your father obsessed with tech gadgets, it is a good idea to choose some technology products as gifts. Today, this gift guide from RayCue may give you some practical and surprising ideas.


Influenced by the severe pandemic, many people have to quarantine at home or work remotely, so creating a suitable office environment is key to getting the best work done at home. Choosing gifts for workaholics or tech enthusiasts dad, our top picks are RayCue hubs/docking stations. USB hub/docks are composed of ports and slots, enable you to easily expand the number of ports and provide a better desktop experience to upgrade your workstation.


6-IN-1 USBC Hub Tailored for Tablet  


If your dad often use the tablet for work or daily use, it is ideal to consider buying this Type-C hub as a good gift. Use the right USB hub to make your tablet powerful and versatile like a laptop. This RayCue hub for USB-C tablet expands 6 ports and seamlessly connects to your tablet, whether iPad Pro, Samsung tablet, Huawei tablet or other TypeC tablets, it perfectly upgrades your device and workstation to handle your daily work. Mirror and expand your tablet to the second display screen with 4K HDMI, connect a USB keyboard to accelerate work efficiency, enjoy 3.5mm audio and fast charging simultaneously, and also read SD / TF memory card in real time. For tablet users, this is a very practical tech gadget.


Portable 11-in-1 USBC Docking Station


For dads who are accustomed to working with laptops or desktops, a more versatile hub will be a more powerful assistant, which will further promote their work output. Whether working in the office or working on the move, this USBC dock would be a great work tool that helps your father to quickly set up his workbench anytime, anywhere. A compact and portable body contains more power, it integrates 4K high-definition HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, multiple high-speed high-speed, fast PD charging, audio and SD/TF card slots. What’s more, it can be applied to most Type-C devices, as long as your laptop is equipped with a Type-C port, enjoy the plug-and-play convenience. RayCue hub adapter provides the ideal solution when you need to expand your connection peripherals.


Mini USB C to HDMI Adapter


In the list of tech gifts guide, do not miss a small but mighty HDMI converter. It will take your dad’s work productivity and home entertainment experience to the next level. Better help to get vivid and realistic visual effects on a larger screen, and seamlessly transfer movies, videos, photos, games, PPT presentations, etc., and output video and audio simultaneously. In such a warm and happy father’s day, it is a wonderful thing to use this converter to mirror the content on your mobile phone to a larger TV, and to review the good times memories with your family.


Portable Monitor Productivity Anywhere


It's always better to have two displays for your dad when he is using them in the daily life or at work. Whether an office worker, a gamer, a programmer, a financier, or a graphic designer, the second screen expands the screen and extra space for daily entertainment and work activities, helping us visualize, compare, and contrast all the content we're working on. It’s worth including a portable display in your gift list. Plug and play, this RayCue 15.6 inch portable USB Type C monitor brings high-definition visual experience and takes into account a lightweight and ultra-thin body. It is one of the best portable monitor displays designed for work, entertainment and general use. Connect it to your work settings and enjoy dual screen operation, such as easily video conferencing on the your laptop screen and display your Excel on the external screen.


As difficult as it may seem at times to come up with a gift idea for dad, the good news is you can’t go wrong so long as you’re being thoughtful. The best way is to choose gifts based on your father's preferences and show dad just how much he means to you. If you like the above tech gadget ideas, select the above gifts for your dad, learn more to click on the RayCue official website!

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